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Our team of specialized professionals will protect your interest upon transferring property into your name.

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We work alongside our Realtors throughout the closing process, and we value our strong professional relationships as an extension of our own team.

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Our highly experienced title team is always focused on compliance while conducting our due diligence. We work closely with lenders ensuring their best interests are protected.

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Lisa Peters
  • Title Nerds 101

    Nov 02, 2017

    In speaking with clients over the last 24 years I have often heard the statement "if you did your work correctly we will not have a title issue". While it is true that we do need to be accurate and accountable for our role, we are limited by the scope of the research. We search the court house records for the standard 60 period, and conduct online searches for bankruptcy, domestic relations, federal court matters and USA Patriot Act. Owner’s title insurance protects against hidden risks including forgery, fraud, missing heirs, and human errors such as misindexing of records.

    Title Insurance is...